Affiliated Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University Aurangabad Accrediated By NAAC Grade 'B'


Department of Econimics


  1. Economics department was established in 1996
  2. Economics subject is one of the optional subjects from social sciences
  3. It deals with the study of Banking, Industry, Agriculture, Employment, Poverty, Economic Status, Economic Policies &New Economic Policies of the Government.
  4. It is a very important subject and it will help to the each and every citizen about Indian Economy

Aims and Objectives

1) To make the students aware of the scope of Economics.
2) Should help the students know the importance of economic knowledge?
3) To study the general characteristics of the Indian economy.
4) To understand the various issues of the Indian economy.
5) Students should know the working Pattern of Banks.
6) Students should understand the productivity of Industry&Agriculture.
7) To know the value of rupee.
8) Students should know the International Trade
9) To involve the students in Research activity

Information regarding Faculty

  • In this department, Dr. M. P. Deshmukh is working as a head of the department since 16/06/2009. He is also Research Guide. Second Post is on C.H.B.
Name of Faculty Profile
Dr. M. P. Deshmukh View Profile


Departmental Activity

Every year department does the following activity for the involvement of the students.
1. Preparation of teaching plan.
2. Planning of Test, Tutorial& Seminars
3. Guest Lecturers organization –Dr. M. M. Jadhav sirs lecture is organized by the Department.
4. Visit to sugar factory every year
5. Wallpaper published-
I. Economist
II. India’s Population
III.India’s Exports
IV. Commercial Banks
V. Types of pollution
VI. Static
VII. Money
VIII. Data Collection
IX. Features of Indian Economy.
6. Library Hour every year –To take the one hour in Library.T o give the information about new books on Economics, Reports, and Magazines for students.
7. Lecturer – 2G spectrum – Dr.SubrhmanaymSwami with the help of CD
8. Economic of Crises of 1991 Show in A.V. room.
9. Arranged National Seminar on inflation

Research Activity

1. Research Experience- 07 years
2. Research Guide: -Recantations from two Universities’ – Dr.B.A.M.U. Aurangabad(Seven
students working)& JJTU Rajasthan
3. Published 20 Papers in ISBN/ISSN NO Books & Journals.
4. One Book edited.
5. Recognized as a P.G.TeacherofDr.B.A.M.U. Aurangabad.
6. Attended a short-term course on – Preparation of Research Projects (UGC- Academic Staff
College Dr.B.A.M.U.Aurangabad.)
7. Organized One day workshop on Research – Making of Research Projects.
8. Submitted Proposal in May -2014 to UGC entitled“Issues in Agricultural Development in
9. One Ph.D. Student Dr.WayseGovardhan has completed Ph. D. Work under my able
guidance and is awarded Ph. D. Six students are working as research students for Ph.D.
10. Referee of the online journal


It shows fluctuation in the result. It is of above 80 % of the T.Y. Students. The fluctuation is due to absentee of students to the examination.

2009-10 2010-11 2011-12 2012-13 2013-14 2014-15
APPEARED TO EXAM I 37 46 45 43 59 82
II 08 28 28 38 46 57
III 10 04 19 21 40 42
PASSED IN EXAM I 27 39 45 41 59 82
II 01 26 28 36 46 57
III 08 03 19 19 38 40
PASSING PERCENTAGE I 72.97% 79.59% 100% 95.34 100% 100%
II 25% 92.85% 100% 94.73 100% 100%
III 80% 75.00% 100% 90.47 95% 94.5%

Memberships of Organization

  1. Dr. M.P. Deshmukh is a life member of Marathi Economic Council.
  2. Member of the Indian Economic Association.

Participation In The University Works

  1. Working as an examiner.
  2. Paper setter in the various examinations of the university.
  3. Worked as examiner &Mode rater B.A.I, II, III year classes
  4. Worked as J.C.S. to conduct the university examinations.
  5. Worked as Subject Expert at various organizations.
  6. Worked as Afflation committee Member.


  1. Department of Economics is established in 1996.
  2. Two Persons are working in the Economics Department Both are Commuter Literature.
  3. Intake Capacity 120 Students
  4. Admissions are given on the interest and linking of the students.
  5. The teaching we use lecturer Methods, discussion, Group discussion, Question and answer, and Board writing.
  6. Teaching Scheme provides in advance to the students.
  7. Students are enlightened about black Money
  8. Economic and Political weekly and Youjana are available in the Library.
  9. For average students, remedial classes are conducted.