Affiliated Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University Aurangabad Accrediated By NAAC Grade 'B'

About IQAC

About IQAC

The Internal Quality Assurance Cell plays an important role in ensuring qualitative functioning of administrative and academic units of the College. The College adheres to the quality assurance mechanisms advocated by NAAC. It undertakes quality initiatives, prepares perspective plans, suggests new programs and activities, receives and analyses feedback. To ensure quality in the various functions of the college, IQAC promotes a culture of debate, communication and consensus among the various stakeholders. It strives to foster a harmonious, responsible and accountable atmosphere on the College campus so that the overall educational endeavors find success. As per the guidelines of NAAC, college established IQAC on 01/Sept/2010

Vision: “To build a tradition of ideal citizens loyal to democracy, virtuous, scholarly, morally sound, and nationalist through Indian Education”


  1. Nation building through man making and character building.
  2. To adopt requisite pedagogies for quality awareness of knowledge and skills.

among the Students for fulfillment of National and International requirements.

  1. To promote the competences of the students by imparting value added education

to face Challenges of rapid changing world.


  • To provide facilities of Higher Education in rural area.
  • To provide graduate and post graduate under various faculties in and around Majalgaon area.
  • To provide Adult and Continuing Education Services.
  • To cultivate moral values among the students which include human rights, social justice, secularism, democracy and eradication of untouchability.
  • To develop all round personality of the students by providing proper facilities and suitable healthy atmosphere.
  • To create awareness of the modern technology among students.
  • To make available various skill-oriented courses to students. So that they will get the job or become self employed.
  • To contribute in social awakening and social change through education.