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4.4.2 Procedures and policies for maintaining and utilizing physical, academic and support facilities – laboratory, library, sports complex, computers, classrooms etc.


Policies for Maintenance Utilization
Physical facility
Class rooms Regular cleaning and maintenance is carried out so as to provide effective learning environment to the students.

Class rooms are cleaned daily by the non-teaching staff of the college. Regular monitoring of electrical and fixtures is done and repaired immediately.

Separate contract is given to outside agency for maintenance of computers and LCDfacility.

Central time table is designed in such a way that there is maximum utilization of infrastructure and class rooms. College is conducted in two sessions, Arts and Commerce lectures are conducted in morning sessions and science faculty lectures are conducted in morning as well as afternoon sessions.
Laboratory Annual maintenance contract is done for high grade instruments. Stabilizers are used for instruments .Regular servicing and maintenance is carried out for the instruments. Service engineers from manufacturing companies are called for the repairs if available. Three quotations are taken from different agencies for the repair, and one who can give effective service is given the work. Practical batches are prepared so as to give hands on experience to all the students. Practical are conducted in morning, afternoon and evening sessions for maximum utilization of laboratory space.
Library Annual maintenance contracts are done for the software used in the library .Proper ventilation is done so as to maintain dry environment near book shelves. Regular dusting and cleaning is done by using vacuum cleaners .Pest control is carried out so as to increase the life of valuables resources of library. Furniture and fixtures are repaired as per the requirement centrally. Library is made fully automated. Computerized issuing and returning of books is done so as to save time. Book exhibitions are conducted in the library and books suggested by staff members are included in the library .Open access is given to students to the books so as to have effective referencing and exploring of new books related to subjects.

Special reading room facility and computers are provided for access to e- content .Library staff conducts orientation and information literacy programs to educate patrons. New arrivals are exhibited on board and screens. Library is kept open in long vacations for the benefits of the students. Qualified staff is appointed in library to guide and help students. Social platform is used to notify about the current updates of library. Flip class room was used to educate patrons online through tutorials and videos prepared.

Computers Maintenance and support are carried out by system administrators. Regular up gradation is carried out for computers and software. Available computers are distributed in departments, office, library for administrative work as per the requirement and load of the work. Computers are connected through LAN and with high speed internet facility. Computers are provided with upgraded antivirus.
Sports facility Regular maintenance is carried out for gymnasium, sports equipment and sport material from experts in thefield.

Synthetic surfaces on ground are cleaned periodically.

Sport material is issued to students as per the schedule. For intercollegiate competitions sport material is issued to the student for the period of the competition

Gymnasium is used by students as per the given slot.